May 2021

Back to school is anything but cool

You’ve no sooner dressed the tree than the shops are advertising pencil cases, backpacks, and lunchbox treats. What gives?

As consumers navigate the rollercoaster ride of living alongside Covid-19, and while plans are still on for schools to open on schedule in January 2022* despite the looming threat of Omicron, 68% of financially hard-hit South Africans are dependent on competitive pricing, promotions and ‘deals’ to get their back-to-school shopping done, and many perceive these to correspond with festive season specials in the run-up to the end-of-year break.

Webseries Launch!

Something has been brewing within the Tradeway studio… Tradeway is assisting in powering a completely independent web-series called “In Conversation with an Agency”. This series is available on all streaming platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube and Instagram. This series aims to gain and share a holistic and unbiased view of the industry. We will …

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