October 2022

4 key btl strategies for awareness and reach

4-Key BTL Marketing Strategies to Maximise Reach, Influence and Revenue.

4 key B strategies to meet South African consumers where they act and transact for maximum reach, influence and revenue.

1. How to make marketing a Value Differentiator.
2. The Value of shopper-tainment – tips for creating an effective in-store shopper experience.
3. The Future of Retail is Hybrid: A Case Study.
4. How to maximise reach through Experiential Marketing

what to expect this black friday and the peak beyond

The Power of Promotions: Maximise Brand Awareness this Black Friday and Beyond.

What can we expect from this year’s peak trading season, and how do brands looking to maximise reach, brand awareness and sales this Black Friday and beyond appeal to price-sensitive consumers?

1. Peak Trade is expected to improve on last year’s performance but still fall short of 2019’s figures.
2. Spend on FMCG necessities and staples is likely to remain high.
3. Online-only Retailers will capture just 16-20% of Peak trade promotion sales.
4. Brand loyalty is ripe for disruption among price-sensitive consumers.
5. Local retail giants are evolving to meet changing consumer behaviour and demands.

Reach Beyond Peak Trade Season

What Consumers Want: 4 South African Market Conditions impacting Buyer Behaviour this Peak Season.

Read 4-South African Market Conditions that will drive Consumer Behaviour and Retail Trade this Peak Season and beyond:

1. Inflation is taking its toll: Basket spend is up but volume is down.
2. Constrained consumers prioritise perceived value over brand affiliation.
3. The Pandemic changed consumer behaviour – but not in ways that were predicted or expected.
4. International FMCG Marketing Trends don’t address the sizable Township Economy and Informal Sector in South Africa.