Targeting the low income market

Appealing to people who don’t have a lot of disposable income is a tricky thing to do. Many times, clients don’t really understand their needs, fears and challenges, which can make their marketing efforts exceptionally difficult.

If you are doing business in Africa, then chances are that one of your company’s buyer personas is the poor (seeing as such a large portion of our population lives below the poverty line). An upcoming conference entitled Marketing Strategies for Low-Income consumers will take place in Johannesburg on 13 – 14 April. The goal of the event is to help brands better understand what it takes to do business in this market.

Some of the topics that will be discussed at the conference include the latest insights about the low-income consumer lifestyles, how shopper marketing can help brands stay relevant, building a brand of purpose and activism to enable more meaningful growth and the evolution of Stokvels in South Africa.

You can book your spot at this marketing conference here.