Consider “woke Twitter” before you launch your next ad campaign

twitter ad campaignIf you use social media, then you’re probably aware of how quickly ad campaigns can get ripped to shreds on Twitter. Even if you’ve seen the ad and didn’t really think anything of it, the opinions of influencers and critical eyes on Twitter can change your idea about the campaign in an instant.

“Woke Twitter” is a relatively new term in the advertising industry and it refers to the people who can be very vocal about their dislike of something on this specific social media platform. Generally, woke Twitter is feminist, leftist and they can get up in arms in a very short period of time. Woke Twitter is the group of users that will contribute to hashtags like #feesmustfall and they are the ones will notice if anything you include in your campaign can be seen as racist, homophobic or sexist.

The reason why you need to consider woke Twitter before you launch a campaign is because you don’t want to trend on Twitter for the wrong reasons. While you might have wanted to cause a stir, you don’t want conversations to be negative.

You can’t always protect your brand from attacks or criticism of woke Twitter, but it pays to assess your campaign through their eyes before you launch. Being familiar with the types of conversations they take part in and knowing what could trigger woke Twitter can help you protect your campaign from unwanted negative commentary by the masses.

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