Our Promotions Company Delivers Connected Brand Experiences that Bring You Results

Everything our promotions company does is aimed at helping brands connect with their markets and, most importantly, at getting results for our clients. On average we achieve a 25% uplift in sales on brand campaigns. This is driven through brand activations, promotions, experiential events and brand love campaigns, and all aspects of field marketing.

We use smart, mobile technology for real-time reporting from the field and to generate instant social media exposure. Talk to Tradeway today for connected brand experiences that deliver results.

Brand Marketers!

Take your Brand Places with Tradeway

Tradeway is a promotions company that is all about creating connected brand experiences – via brand activations, promotions, experiential campaigns, and field marketing.

We help get your brand out into the market and create a persuasive match between brand ambassador and consumer. – This allows consumers to engage with your brand, fall in love, and buy your products and services.

Tradeway can develop an effective brand engagement strategy from scratch or align with your existing marketing strategy or campaign.

Whatever your requirements, speak to Tradeway today for connected brand experiences that deliver results.

Brand Ambassadors!

Let your Career take off with Tradeway

Our savvy brand ambassadors represent some of the best global brands around. If you’d like to become a promoter or brand ambassador, register now by filling out our registration form or contact us for more information.

Tradeway performs about 60 000 brand activations and promotions a year, providing thousands of exciting promotions jobs and opportunities

You can learn and develop brand ambassador skills at our Tradeway Academy. At the same time you can gain insights on how to build a career in brand activation and experiential marketing.

The sky’s the limit!

Quick Facts

  • Tradeway performs around 60 000 brand activations a year, throughout South Africa and in 13 countries across Africa, and has a database of over 6 000 brand ambassadors.
  • We have developed a unique 4-tier brand ambassador rating platform with specific requirements per level – creating a persuasive match between the brand ambassador and the consumer within the requirements of your marketing strategy and budget.
  • Technology plays a big part in how we deliver measurable results and actionable insights to our clients. We use mobile apps that enable real-time reporting and feedback from the field and get the highest level of responses from the market.
  • Tradeway’s experiential marketing events and brand love campaigns are focused on building long-term loyalty by providing unforgettable, feel-good experiences where consumers fall in love with your brand and share the news via word of mouth and social media.

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