When co-branding is a great idea for your brand activation campaign

startup-594090_960_720Brand activation strategies can include everything from immersive storytelling and virtual reality to experiential marketing campaigns. In some instances, however, co-branding is definitely the way to go.

What makes co-branding a compelling idea is the fact that it’s usually very memorable, unique and it pairs together two brands that are targeting the same niche group of people. If you’ve always initiated, launched and managed your own campaigns, it might be time to start considering a strategic partnership. Here are a few examples of successful co-branding campaigns:

GoPro & Red Bull

GoPro and Red Bull are both brands that promote active, adventurous and extreme lifestyles. When the two brands paired up, they were able to use the camera technology to enable people to get a better glimpse into extreme sports. They’ve successfully paired up for quite a few events, but one of their most memorable ones was “Stratos”, where GoPro strapped a camera to Felix Baumgartner, who jumped from a space pod. See the full story here.

Dr. Pepper flavoured lip balm

Dr. Pepper paired op with Bonne Belle, who created the first flavoured type of lip balm back in the 70s. Flavours like green apple and strawberry have been around for year, but taking the much-loved Dr. Pepper flavour and merging it with a lip balm line enabled both brands to create a lot of awareness about their products.

Louis Vuitton and BMW

These luxury brands might not seem like the most natural pairing right off the bat, but when they teamed up to focus on Louis Vuitton’s travel luggage line, then consumers could see how both companies were trying to zone in on the high end travel market. BMW manufactured a sports car model and Louis Vuitton created an exclusive, four-piece set of suitcases that fit into the car’s boot.

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