Here at Tradeway, we specialise in brand activations and promotions. But, what is brand activation, exactly? Brand activation is all about ‘activating’ your brand in the eyes of the public and, most importantly, the eyes of your target market. It revolves around increasing awareness and engagement by providing some kind of brand-related experience that is sure to stick in people’s minds.

Activations & Promotions

Brand activations and promotions initiate a relationship between the consumer and your brand, by providing the opportunity and the motivation for the consumer to engage with your brand.

Activations can take place just about anywhere and in virtually any form – from an in-store sampling promotion to a sidewalk pop-up shop. Tradeway brings it all together – the concept, the message, the location and the brand ambassadors – to create brand activations with great results.

Brand Activation vs. Advertising

Brand activation is different from traditional advertising in that it focuses on providing people with a unique experience and initiating engagement, rather than simply marketing to them. Instead of informing people about your business and what it has to offer, it encourages people to almost become a part of your brand and literally shows them what you have to offer. Brand activation is advertising for the modern age.

Luckily, with Tradeway’s experts on your side, we will be there to guide you through the ins-and-outs of brand activation, making sure that your strategy falls in line with what your target market wants and expects from you.


Love a Free Sample?

Who doesn’t? It’s a great Marketing Tool. Even better when it gets into the right hands. That’s where Tradeway comes in: helping you get to the right locations, with the right brand ambassadors, so that you can reach the right people.


Key Benefits & Features

Demonstration is an important marketing tool for conveying the key benefits and features of your product without reams of text and instructions getting in the way.
Talk to Tradeway about getting your product to its audience.

Pamphlet Distribution

Time and Money

The time and money you put into developing your pamphlets and leaflets need never go to waste.
You can trust Tradeway to get your marketing collateral out where it counts.

Event & Expo Support

Brand Ambassadors

Make sure you have enough brand ambassadors on board at your next event to create meaningful and positive interactions with consumers. Speak to Tradeway to determine what you need in order to create real brand power and presence.


Broaden your Footprint

If you want to broaden your brand’s footprint or take your promotion on tour to locations across South Africa, Tradeway will help you get on the road and stay the course.


No Room for Error

When you’re launching a new product or service into the market, there’s no room for error. Let Tradeway help you get your launch off the ground without a hitch.

Pop-Up Shops

Short-term Sales Space

Pop-up shops provide the opportunity for your brand to have a short-term sales space in popular, high-traffic areas. Speak to Tradeway about the many exciting opportunities on offer – you never know where your brand could pop up next!

Flash Mobs

Momentum for your Brand

A staged flash mob has the power to create incredible momentum for your brand. This seemingly spontaneous once-off event is preceded by meticulous planning and preparation, and Tradeway can help you pull it off.

Why Choose Us

      • Build More – Sell More – Gain More
      • Unforgettable experiential consumer experiences
      • Results Driven
      • Real time information and actionable market insights
      • Measurable responses and return on investment
      • Unique brand ambassador rating platform
      • Job creation and skills development

What Client’s Say

It was great to work with a promotions agency where communication
& service delivery was a priority. Always eager to assist.
Kassy Gounden, Brand Manager, Tiger Brands Hair Care
Tradeway provided high quality promotional teams at reasonable rates. It makes managing campaigns very simple, efficient and effortless. The support and feedback reports are invaluable.
Delamaine du Toit - Assistant Brand Manager, SAB Castle Light
I wanted to take some time to just thank you and your team for professionalism and can-do attitude during the Castle Lite promotion. I am very well aware that it has been a very tricky promotion and that not all our suppliers have shared your spirit of helpfulness and ‘working as a team for the better of the brand’. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being our light at the end of the tunnel!
Katinka Pretorius, Managing Director, Lowe and Partners SA