Top Tips for Turning Your Employees into Brand Advocates

Brand Branding Marketing Commercial Name ConceptAs Richard Branson has emphasised countless times in the past, it’s not your clients who should come first! It is your employees! If your employees are happy, they will make the extra effort to see to it that your clients are too. With this in mind, here are Tradeway’s top tips for turning your employees into die-hard advocates for your brand.    
  • Give Them a Reason!

It isn’t exactly ethical to create content and then simply expect your employees to share it on their personal social media profiles or to talk about it in their daily lives. You should give them a reason to WANT to do so! A good place to start is by hosting company social events, such as team-building get-togethers or employee ‘awards’. Everyone can get dressed up and take plenty of photos. If you get it right, they are likely to be sharing and talking about the brand on social media without you even having to request it! Just like when it comes to experiential marketing and your clients, if you provide your employees with an engaging experience, suited to their wants, needs and expectations, they will do exactly that: engage.

  • Do Your Research on Employee Advocacy Tools

There are so many helpful tools available out there that have the potential to aid you on your mission. Excellent examples include, but are not limited to, LinkedIn Elevate (allows for effortless sharing of curated content), DrumUp, Brand Amper and Dynamic Signal. The great news is that most these tools are free to use.

  • Focus on Developing a Strong Company Culture

This is about more than simply creating a stand-out identity and mission for your brand. It is about integrating employees into that identity and mission or, better yet, allowing them to play a role in creating, or reimagining, it! Along with this, it is also about adjusting your policies and procedures to suit the needs of your employees. For example, having an ‘open door’ policy when it comes to employees discussing their workplace challenges or communicating a personal goal of theirs and doing your best remedy the problem or make their lives easier in some way. If you go the extra mile to show your employees that you do care, they will have already been converted into your biggest brand advocates!

The key is to provide your employees with a satisfying experience – just like you would in terms of experiential marketing and your clients. The focus should be on that and only that – the rest should follow naturally!

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