Using Technology to Enhance Your Experiential Marketing Campaigns

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experiential-marketing-BIWWe live in a time where new technology is springing up every day – technology that has the power to alter the way in which you approach experiential marketing and create meaningful connections with your audience. If you look at some of the world’s most successful experiential marketing campaigns, it becomes obvious that technology played a massive role right from the get go. If you have yet to use any technological advancements to your advantage, we have some tips to help guide you! It’s never too late to in jump on the bandwagon …

  • Augmented & Mixed Reality 

The roaring success of things like Pokémon Go is testament to the fact that augmented and mixed reality are truly ‘where it’s at’! Virtual reality has also been a big trend for a while now, allowing brands to provide their customers with extraordinary experiences that wouldn’t have been possible before.

  • Wall Activations 

Wouldn’t it be awesome to turn a venue into a living embodiment of your brand and its message? With wall activation technology, it’s a real possibility now! Audio-visual and event technology, such as LED strips and motion sensors, come together within the walls of the venue itself, ultimately creating exciting visuals for visitors as they pass.

  • Interactive Mirrors

Interactive mirrors are bound to grab the attention of any passers-by! They look like ordinary mirrors but they make it possible for customers to change lighting, browse items in store or request size changes. Because of this, they work incredibly well when used as an experiential marketing tool within the retail industry. They are also great tools for displaying important information in a unique, eye-catching way, therefore increasing the likelihood of the customer reading it!

  • The Benefits

Technology can help to enhance a brand’s experiential marketing techniques and campaigns in the following ways:

  • Increased engagement: Because you are using tools and technology that the audience may not have been exposed to before, they will be more likely to engage and interact with your brand.
  • Enhanced data capture: Most of this technology also retains important information about each session or experience, making it easier for you to get to know your audience better.
  • Effortless integration: Technology helps to create a seamless experience between the digital and real world.
  • Customisation: Thanks to the data capture abilities, it is possible to continue personalising your experiential marketing approach according to your audience and their behaviours and preferences.

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