Techniques That Still Get Results

5 Below the Line Promotional Techniques That Still Get Results

Techniques That Still Get ResultsWhile going digital is quickly becoming essential for all businesses who wish to make the most out of their marketing budgets, many business owners will be surprised to hear that there are still many BTL promotional techniques that it is still worthwhile to invest in. We look at five of the most valuable options below.



  1. Coupons

Coupons have been around for ages and are easily one of the oldest below the line marketing techniques. Like so many other things have come back into fashion this year, so too have coupons. In fact, they have been rising in popularity once again for a while now. With countless grocery stores jumping on the bandwagon across the country and making it possible for customers to source coupons online and use them in-store, there is plenty of opportunity for other business to take advantage of the trend. The great news is that coupons are rather inexpensive to print and distribute. They are sure to lead to an increase in sales and interest in your business.

  1. Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programmes are becoming essential for businesses who wish to ensure that their already existing customers keep coming back for more. They make your customers feel as though they are getting the best possible value for their money. They also reduce the chances of losing customers to your competition. In short, they can give you ‘the edge’ in the marketplace.

  1. Demonstrations

Experiential marketing is huge right now. It is all about getting potential customers excited about and engaged with your brand. The good news is that demonstrations still form an integral part of these experiential marketing campaigns. The secret, however, is to jazz them up a bit and instead of simply performing for your audience, doing your utmost best to get them involved in the action as well.

  1. Competitions

Competitions, if the prizes up for grabs are worth the effort, are great promotional tools. Online competitions, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular and promise businesses an increased number of entries. They also offer you the opportunity to educate the potential consumer about your brand and its offering.

  1. Free Products/Giveaways

Since everything else in life seems to come at a price, people really appreciate getting something for free every now and again! Due to this fact, ‘buy one, get one free’ promotions and generous giveaways are still extremely popular promotional techniques. They ensure that your brand comes across as generous, friendly and the obvious choice over your competitors! Just remember to opt for branded merchandise when it comes to giveaways!

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