H&M boosts brand equity with VR at Coachella

Clothing brand giant H&M has partnered with the popular Coachella music festival many times. Each year, music festival-goers are excited to see what H&M will offer next. This type of hype goes a long way in helping the brand create awareness about their products and what they have to offer.

Being one of the biggest and most influential music spectacles in the world, Coachella is the ideal place to launch a brand activation or experiential marketing campaign. More recently, H&M collaborated with Coachella on a new clothing line called Hello, Millennial Gold. They also used technology in an engaging and innovative way by creating a virtual fitting room where concert-goers could ‘try on’ H&M gear before recycling their old items in exchange for a fresh new look.

“This worked really well for two reasons,” says Michelle Storey from Tradeway, a company specialising in brand activations and experiential marketing campaigns in South Africa.

“Besides the immersive experience that virtual and augmented reality offers, the clothing brand was also able to draw attention to their sustainable practices through their recycling initiative. Millennials are concerned about the environment and they feel aligned with brands that are doing their part in greening the economy, so this initiative was a winning idea for H&M,” says Michelle.

When setting up a brand activation or experiential marketing campaign, it’s important to focus on boosting your brand equity among your target audience in an authentic way. H&M’s virtual fitting room acted as a tool as well as an experience, and it aligned perfect with what they stand for and what they sell.

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