Tradeway’s activates KFC breakfast drive

130035For over a year, leading experiential activation agency, Tradeway has been activating KFC’s breakfast offerings on the ground. Starting off in late 2011 as a trial, Tradeway successfully executed on the well known A.M. Riser, securing A.M. Oats and most recently in 2012 the A.M. Benedict campaign. A.M. Benedict had a three-tier strategy; sampling, cross-selling and proximity marketing.

The critical component when launching new food and beverage offerings or variants is getting potential consumers to taste the product. A.M. Benedict’s sampling campaign was focused on the morning shift offering KFC breakfast patrons a bite size taste of the new offering. The goal was to extend the breakfast repertoire for morning trade to encourage even more visits and potentially referrals. In 90 days Tradeway sampled to over 39,000 consumers.

Concurrently a second tier maximised cross-selling opportunity by targeting lunch and dinner patrons in the restaurant and drive-throughs. Brand ambassadors handed out promotional material and educated these consumers on the new A.M. offering. Overall for both tiers, Tradeway activated over 1,900 promotional days engaging with over 170,000 consumers.

130036The third tier was location targeting where brand ambassadors were strategically placed at intersections in proximity to KFC outlets informing morning commuters of the A.M. Benedict. Over 72,000 potential consumers were reached.

Tradeway’s founder and CEO, Michelle Francis concludes, “The activations were a critical complement to the marketing mix. Other media vehicles also created awareness and intent to purchase and our team was part of the conversion on the ground. This is a working solution, providing measurable return on investment. What’s more, our brand ambassadors also provide some field research highlighting consumer profiles, taste-tests, competitor comparisons, price positioning and more”.