Tradeway’s Techway

Michelle Francis, Tradeway founder and CEO
Michelle Francis, Tradeway founder and CEO

Leading experiential activation agency, Tradeway, has announced the completion of testing the second phase of its proprietary practice management software which the company says will further boost efficiencies and drive additional return on investment (ROI) for customers.

The latest investment in its technology platforms include resource profiling, behaviourial analytics, real-time reporting, live tracking and higher automated functionality in the procurement process. “Consummate resourcing, improved processes and turnaround optimisation lies at the heart of what Tradeway stands for. This is proven by our continuous investment in technology platforms that deliver unparalleled quality control, higher accountability, better compliance and increased ROI,” says Tradeway founder and CEO, Michelle Francis.

Profiling and behavioural analytics

One of the key improvements is to the promoter database, now driven by online registrations and profiling so the team can quickly vet the ideal candidates according to details and descriptors essential for the experiential space. If candidates match the topline selection criteria, they are then asked to come in for interviews. Successful applicants are then registered and trained. The custom behavioural analytics are linked to each resource’s record covering punctuality, performance and aptitude to name a few. This has delivered significant time savings internally as unsuitable candidates are quickly filtered and the training and recruiting team can focus on the best prospects. This also applies externally as campaign managers can quickly forward suitable brand ambassadors specific to brief and literally save days in the casting and selection process. All profiles also have geographic catchment and are linked to the automated scheduling module quickly relaying availability for the campaign dates.

Brand ambassadors are further encouraged to execute beyond expectations as best performers are earmarked to enterTradeway’s Academy where they qualify for free business and life skills training.

Automated procurement and actual time

Another key development to further streamline the procurement process is that all proposals and quotations run off the central database which can be securely accessed online for review and comment. Approvals can be submitted online or simply via e-mail and once approved, the system automatically schedules the campaigns and books the brand ambassadors according to the agreed promotional grid.

A feature that is also used in conjunction with Tradeway’s optional pay-on-performance and shared risk models is that invoices are generated against actual time logged and not claimed. This is linked to its location-based services which track the resources’ locations, start-times, durations and end-times. Paying on provable compliance drives huge benefit for customers when looking at total return on marketing investment.

Automated reporting

One the perennial challenges in the experiential space is timely reporting. If one is deploying hundreds of brand ambassadors, the industry norm is that performance feedback can take anywhere from five to ten working days. This severely handicaps the customer’s ability to quickly make adjustments for improved performance. Feedback and performance is now logged online immediately after the activation and preliminary reports are available within two working days to optimise performance, change resources if necessary and focus on more profitable locations/venues.

Francis concludes, “These are just some highlights of our latest technological developments. Our improved platform is saving us time, increasing turnaround and driving improved performance. All these efficiencies are being passed onto our customers who are paying less and getting more.”