How to Boost Your Marketing Efforts This Winter

Countless business owners use the colder weather as an excuse to reduce marketing spend and to focus on other aspects of maintaining and developing their companies. The truth is that winter shouldn’t cause you to go into hibernation! With the right techniques and tools, you’ll be able to generate new leads and new business with very little effort indeed. Here’s how.

Dedicate More Time to Social Media 

The chill in the air means that there’s a great chance that the majority of your followers will be spending more time on social media, rather than spending time out and about doing things.  Therefore, now’s the perfect time to start a conversation on Facebook or publish a thought-provoking post on Instagram. Remember to promote your best wintertime posts in order to ensure best results and maximum engagement.

Update Your Website 

A fresh, new website could be the jump-start that you need to get the ball rolling this winter.

“A well-functioning, easy-to-navigate website is the backbone of all other marketing efforts – traditional and experiential alike! It will also help to generate more website traffic as your SEO rankings are sure to improve as a result,” comments Tradeway’s Michelle Storey.

Host an Experiential Marketing Event 

Most brands tend to do their experiential marketing during the warmer months, so now’s your chance to take advantage of this gap in the market!

“Think about doing something creative that is also practical for your consumers to enjoy during winter. You might even want to embrace the chill even further by making winter the overall theme of the event,” comments Michelle. “Having said that, there’s also nothing stopping you from hosting your experiential marketing events indoors!”

Consider Re-branding 

When things are ‘slower’, it’s also a great time to consider a new look for your brand in order to generate interest. Consider how much your business has evolved since the last time you reviewed your brand’s look and feel, and be sure to incorporate these changes into the new branding. It’s also likely that your business’ target market has also changed, even if only a little. Keep this in mind when making any branding decisions, too!

Looking for a company that can help you to beat the winter chill and continue making waves with your marketing? Look no further than Tradeway. With a specialisation in brand activations, field marketing and experiential marketing, we’ve got what it takes to get people talking about your business. Contact us today to learn more.