Examples of Epic Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Everyone is talking about experiential marketing and how it can help to take your brand to new levels of success and ensure a much greater reach when it comes to making an impact on your target audience. Needless to say, Tradeway is in full agreement with these statements! In an effort to prove the value of a well-thought-out experiential marketing campaign, we have put together a handful of examples to inspire you to take the leap of faith and create one of your own.

  • Gilmore Girls’ Luke’s Diners

This campaign was created by Netflix to generate hype around the release of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”. Basically, the team set up a number of pop-up Luke’s Diners around the country in which waiters would serve complimentary cups of coffee to excited fans.

“One of the reasons why this was such a successful campaign was because it gave the public the opportunity to imagine themselves actually living in the world of one of their favourite TV shows. It brought the show to life and sparked a sense of deep nostalgia, especially amongst those who grew up watching Gilmore Girls,” comments Greg Martin from Tradeway.

  • Misereor: Charity Donation Billboard

Nowadays, the vast majority of us use our cards to pay for anything and everything. Without tangible money exchanging hands, many of us have become ‘mindless swipers’. In light of this, Misereor, a German relief NGO, set up a charity donation billboard. On the billboard were all of the causes and worldwide issues that the NGO is dedicated to helping resolve, such as hunger. The digital billboard was placed in various airports and was equipped with a card reader, meaning that people could donate money to each cause with a simple swipe. The interactive animations on the digital poster made for an even more exciting and rewarding experience.

“What was so brilliant about this campaign was the fact that it turned something that we do every day into something fresh and fulfilling. There was also the added bonus of participants feeling proud of themselves for doing a good deed. All of this led to plenty of respect and interest in the operation behind the creation of the campaign,” says Tradeway’s Michelle Storey.