Sampling: why people love free stuff

132070In-store sampling is one of the best ways to draw attention to your brand. People love free stuff and it’s no wonder why leading brands continue to invest in sampling campaigns.

Six years ago, a man from Minnesota was arrested after he overstepped the boundaries of free-sampling practices. According to Supervalu grocery store, which later dropped the charges, the man took around 12 soy sauce packets and way too many beef stick samples. While the incriminated person might have gotten a bit carried away, it’s not hard to see why this happened: people simply enjoy getting something for nothing.

Costco is famous for offering people many free samples. Bloggers have written about how you can get entire lunches for free just by browsing the free sampling sections that Costco offers. Some people might take advantage of the free products that your brand is offering, but the benefits far outweigh the costs seeing as some free sample campaigns have boosted product sales by as much as 2000%. Costco has even gone so far as to say that their in-store product demonstrations have the highest sales lift when compared to other in-store marketing mediums.

Free samples can teach customers about your products and it can also boost loyalty. At Tradeway, we’ve helped many companies raise their brand awareness and boost sales with well thought out sampling and marketing campaigns. Contact Tradeway for more information today.