How Virtual Reality is Redefining Marketing

virtual reality and marketingYou will hear it time and again…The modern consumer wants to connect with their favourite brand. They want to form real connections and it is these connections that guarantee sales and long term loyalty. As a result, virtual reality in the form of experiential marketing has fast become the marketing method of choice for many large corporations. If we take the time to get down to scrutinising stats and reports, it’s easy to see just how virtual reality is redefining marketing as we know it.

The goal of experiential marketing is to use virtual reality to help consumers connect with a brand. This is done by creating an opportunity for a consumer to be involved in an activity where they use a product or service provided by the company in a specific location. What makes this type of marketing so effective? The answer is simple. When a consumer has a great or interesting experience with a product or service, they form a positive association with the brand and yes, this association is emotionally charged.

For a while, the idea of virtual reality being able to redefine marketing seemed impossible. After all, up until recently, it simply didn’t scale. The effectiveness of impressing a few hundred or thousand people at an experiential event when compared to the reach of a television or radio advert certainly outshined this new marketing avenue.

Clever marketing concepts plan to use virtual reality and mixed reality together to achieve a more powerful result, but the fact remains that it still won’t scale. That’s about to change though. 2016 which is already well underway is set to see more people in the home using virtual and mixed reality in their various forms of entertainment. You can already see people making use of Google Glass, Oculus Rift from Facebook and many more including HoloLens from Volvo. Industry professionals believe that within as little as just 5 years, virtual reality will be as common in the average home as gaming consoles. What does this means? This means that experiential marketing will be brought directly into the home of the consumer, making a mixed reality and virtual reality advertising platform an actual reality.

How will this redefine marketing? Virtual reality / experiential marketing will be advertiser supported and the potential for it to viral absolutely impressive. Combine the emotional connection it will provide to consumers with the viral scalability that it will achieve and you have a marketing system that will break boundaries!

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