How developers will change the retail industry

Many industries have had to completely relook their way of doing business thanks to technology. E-commerce is no longer a new concept, but this industry is about to undergo a new revolution called “Commerce Everywhere.”

According to Techcrunch, “Commerce Everywhere” is when online and offline experiences are blended so that people can buy whatever their heart desires, wherever and whenever they want. This shift isn’t driven by companies or even consumers, but by developers thanks to new resources (such as apps). This shift, says Techcrunch, will change the way retailers and consumers sell and buy.

One of interesting insights about this shift is that it could potentially remove any friction or hurdles from the buyer process. Buying something will be seamless and it will be done while consumers are busy with other activities such as reading, mowing the lawn or working.

Technology in the form of APIs and platforms are letting developers innovate like never before. They can develop and launch new tools without the costs and time-constraints that were traditionally associated with huge digital shifts. Read this to find out more about the “Commerce is Everywhere” trend.