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Habit – A digital marketing campaign strategy

Today, online digital marketing campaigns require a lot of innovation. Additionally, online audiences are bombarded with hundreds of ad campaigns. Reaching your target market means differentiating yourself from all the noise. Netplus offers a good example of how a simple, yet well thought out, campaign can be effective.

The company  

Netplus is a digital marketing company that was approached by one of the nation’s leading seasoning manufacturer. This company was best known for producing a no-salt alternative seasoning amongst many other marinades, mixes and blends.

The challenge

Their client wanted a digital marketing campaign leading up to an engaging event for the launch of their new line of seasoning packets.

How they did it

What they already knew

Their client needed to do a marketing campaign to not only generate awareness, but also excitement for the new product once it hit the shelves. The campaign would therefore have to connect with the right consumers: modern mums. They needed to come up with a solution which would not only capture their attention, but interest them enough to keep them coming back day after day. 

Modern moms spend a lot of their free time on social media. Many of them also regularly partake in casual online gaming and this would be the focus of the campaign.

Hitting the ground running

Netplus developed a Facebook app which was based on classical game shows. The app allowed users to play the games and win free samples as well as other prizes.

They needed the consumers to keep coming back every day leading up to the final launch. They therefore introduced opportunities to enter and get giveaways on a daily basis. Consumers could return several times for a chance to win. The consumers could also easily share information about the campaign. This fast-tracked the campaign’s organic growth.

The game itself also proved to be quite addictive.

They also provided content detailing various recipes paired with photos of the finished products to showcase the appeal and versatility of the seasonings. Several popular bloggers were brought on board to reach out to their growing audience of cooking enthusiasts and mums.


The campaign by Netplus was simple and took advantage of the habits of their client’s target market to draw and hold their attention.

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