Great experiential marketing campaigns

about-us-sliderExperiential marketing is still relatively new in the advertising industry and the name has become synonymous with progressive, innovative marketing experiences. So what is it? Experiential marketing campaigns essentially create an immersive experience so that people can interact with a brand in a physical way. It’s a pretty tough concept to describe so we’ve listed some of the most recent, best examples:

Carlsberg’s poster

Beer brand Carlsberg created a poster that had a tap, giving away free beer to the public. The poster simply read: “Probably the best poster in the world” and people would notice queues of people waiting to get their free beer from the poster. The poster was set up in London’s Brick Lane and it brought international attention to the brand. Read about the Carlsberg poster here.

Skoda Yeti 

Car brand Skoda launched a new vehicle called “Skoda Yeti” by enclosing the entire car in a huge block of ice. The car was put in the middle of Covent Garden in London. Members had the opportunity to win the car by guessing the weight of the car, combined with the ice. Not only did this campaign draw a lot of attention, but it was an effective experiential marketing campaign due to the fact that the public was able to interact with the brand through the competition. Read more about the Skoda Yeti campaign here.

Delta’s Stillness in Motion campaign

At the 2015 Ted conference, Delta Air Lines created a room filled with biometric sensors. The room provided a unique experience as a person entered the room, with the physical space becoming calmer as the room occupant’s heartbeat slowed down and they started to relax. Watch a video about the Stillness in Motion campaign here.

These are just a few examples of great experiential marketing campaigns. If you want an ad agency to come up with some unique experiential marketing ideas for you, then contact us today.