Connecting with consumers using brand ambassadors

AMBASSADOR - fluorescent Neon tube Sign on brickworkOne of the best ways to ensure that your brand connects with your target market is through brand activations and in-store promotions. From free samples handed out in shops, to events, expos and new product launches, giving consumers the opportunity to interact with and experience first-hand the benefits of your product is one of the most successful ways in which to build brand loyalty and create awareness around your brand. When it comes to experiential marketing, brand ambassadors are at the forefront of your brand, making them one of the most important tools in your marketing campaign.

What is a brand ambassador?

Basically, a brand ambassador is the face of the brand for the duration of any specific promotion. They are the staff who hand out samples, approach and engage with consumers and provide information on your brand. In other words, brand ambassadors are the people who are doing the talking and putting in the effort to ensure that the goals of your promotion are met. More importantly, they represent your brand in a real-world setting – making their attitude, commitment and level of knowledge vital to the success of your marketing efforts.

Brand ambassadors are used in all kinds of brand activations where engagement with your consumers is required. They may be used to hand out samples and promotional items, generate leads for your business or provide product demonstrations. Brand ambassadors are a vital component of all experiential marketing campaigns – whether promotions take place in a store, at a fair or expo or even on the street targeting passers-by.

Choosing and preparing brand ambassadors for your brand

Because they become the face of your brand and their attitudes and actions will be clearly remembered by your consumers, it is vital that a thorough interview process is followed when choosing your brand ambassadors. Great brand ambassadors are outgoing without being pushy and can quickly establish a connection that feels natural and not forced.

Once you have chosen your brand ambassadors, you need to give them specific training on your brand as well as the goals of your promotion to ensure that they are knowledgeable when speaking with your consumers. They should also be briefed on any catch phrases and other lingo pertaining to your company so that they will be able to speak using the appropriate tone and information. It is vital that your brand ambassadors are 100% clear on what makes your brand’s product or service special or unique, and have the correct information to back up their statements. Consumers will pick up very quickly on a lack of knowledge and this may be damaging to your brand.

Setting your expectations

Your number one goal when using brand ambassadors is to open communication with your market and create positive brand awareness. In addition, you should also be clear about any measurable goals and expectations for the campaign and communicate this to the brand ambassadors. For example, tell your brand ambassadors about targets such as a specific number of leads to be generated or samples to be given out so that they can work towards this goal during the promotion.

Working with brand ambassadors for the first time can be a challenge for many companies. Tradeway specialises in brand activations and experiential marketing, and has a superb track record in selecting, preparing and managing excellent brand ambassadors for promotions and campaigns.

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