Tips to increase brand awareness in a flooded market

Brand Branding Marketing Commercial Name ConceptBuilding brand awareness can be difficult enough, especially so when the market is flooded with similar product offerings from other brands and advertisers competing for the same market. To create continuing brand loyalty, a marketing campaign is required that will to stand out to ensure sufficient brand recall. It’s simply not enough to devise and implement superb marketing and advertising campaigns. There also must be enough brand recall to ensure that your marketing efforts result in the necessary conversions – and this can be achieved through clever tactics that include experiential marketing to engage your consumers.

These 4 marketing ideas can help increase your brand recall in a flooded market:

  1. Network with complementary businesses

Partnering with another brand that complements your own is a fantastic way to boost your brand recall, especially if you do not have high brand awareness to begin with. An experiential marketing campaign that involves 2 different brands to create an engaging experience is far more memorable and more cost effective than going it alone. For example, a dairy brand that sells a range of cheese products, combining marketing efforts with a savory biscuit brand for in-store promotions will have far greater success in achieving brand recall and conversion goals than if either brand were to promote themselves separately.

  1. Create a catchy slogan for your campaign

Be creative with your campaign and develop a catch phrase for your brand that people will remember and instantly associate with it. It may take some investment in time, brain power and possibly the skills of an experienced copywriter, but a great slogan has longevity that often lasts for years. Think of Cremora’s “It’s not inside, it’s on top.” or Standard Bank’s “Simpler. Better. Faster.” as examples of slogans that are still widely associated with these brands, even though it has been a long time since they were actually in use.

  1. Give away samples and promotional gifts

It’s no secret that everyone loves a freebie. Brand activations that include product sampling are extremely successful in creating brand awareness as consumers can test your product without buying. It gives you the opportunity to connect directly with consumers in a way that traditional advertising cannot achieve. Many companies also use branded promotional gifts to spread awareness, however, be careful when choosing what to give away. While items such as calendars and pens may seem cost effective, these have become so commonplace that they do not have much effect on brand awareness. Invest in high-quality gifts for selected clients or consumers, such as custom branded wine bottles, or even coffee plunger sets and create a sense of exclusivity for better brand recall.

  1. Give your customers a brand experience

Without a doubt, experiential marketing is the best way to build brand awareness in your target market. Whether it’s a brand activation, an in-store promotion or product demo, allow your customers to engage with your brand first hand in a real-world setting and they will walk away with a positive brand experience. Consumers are more likely to remember and put their trust in a product that they have experienced rather than just seen in an advert, which goes a long way to ensuring brand loyalty.

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