Why you should unsubscribe people from your email list

If you’re in advertising or make use of an online marketing campaign, then there’s a big chance that you are sending out emails to your existing client base. It often happens that people opt in to receive emails from companies that they’ve done business with, but they technically don’t want to receive emails from you. The term for these emails is called “graymail”.

Graymail is a lot like spam, but it won’t trigger an email’s spam filter because it’s not against the law and as we mentioned, the receiver opted in to receiving these mails from the sender. The problem is that graymail can still hamper your marketing efforts and here’s how: these emails can still end up in many junk email folders, so it gets delivered but never read and this can affect your overall engagement rates.

One thing you can do to counter this problem is commit to unsubscribing subscribers as soon as they become unengaged. You can set up alerts that will initiate this workflow for you. For example, if someone hasn’t clicked on an email in four months, it can trigger the process for your marketing team to unsubscribe the subscriber. At the end of the day, this will boost the quality of your email engagements and mitigate the effects that graymail has on your email campaigns.

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