Some of the best Christmas experiential marketing campaigns

At Tradeway, we’re always on the lookout for new experiential marketing campaign ideas. Some brands have a knack at getting these types of campaigns right and we’ve rounded up some of the most successful ones that were done recently:

A beer dispensing Christmas tree

Carlsberg beer isn’t new to the experiential marketing scene. In the past, we’ve written about some of their campaigns but the 2015 beer dispensing Christmas tree has taken their efforts to a new level. Watch this video to see how Carlsberg erected an 8m tree at London’s South Bank complete with beer bottle tree baubles and a pump that dispensed free beer to the masses.

Virtual dog sled ride 

TGI Fridays combined experiential marketing with virtual reality for the 2015 festive season. Patrons at TGI Fridays were able to go on a fully immersive sled ride without leaving their table at the restaurant. The hashtag on Twitter was #JingleEffect if you want to check out what people were saying on social media about the campaign. Here’s a video about the virtual sled ride experience, too.

Getting a famous artist to write a song for you

Beer brand Stella Artois commissioned John Legend to record a song called ‘Under the Stars’ for Christmas. This was particularly applicable seeing as Stella means ‘star’ in Latin. They built an interactive light installation and got John Legend to perform the song under this installation in New York City. See the live performance here.

Successful experiential marketing campaigns take a lot of careful thought and planning as well as precise execution. If this is something that you want for your brand, then contact Tradeway today.