Promote Your Business With Sensational Sampling

Get-Your-Free-Sample-ButtonThis kind of promotion is a pleasure because almost everyone loves a freebie. When your customers get the chance to sample what you’re selling, they’re more likely to buy it too. Sampling can be done on-site (within the walls of your business) or off-site (at an event).

Just like a theatrical production, preparation ensures a smooth delivery; which in turn converts samplers into buyers.

The script

While it may be tempting to wing it while handing out the samples, it is far better to decide in advance what do you want to say about the product or service:

  • Identify a few key that accurately describes what you are selling.
  • Rehearse the background story of the product.
  • Know the prices.
  • Prepare answers to any frequently asked questions.

 The cast

Sampling as brand activation involves a lot of one on one interaction with your customers. It is vital to have positive, enthusiastic representatives of your brand who are also comfortable chatting with customers. If you are more of a behind-the-scenes person, consider hiring in brand ambassadors or spending some time training up your staff for the task.

The stage

Whether the sampling is taking place in-house or at a show outside of your business, have full-sized products nearby so customers can readily make their purchases. Include information customers can take with them about your business or products. Stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching stand to draws customers in.

 The props

This will vary tremendously from business to business. Ideally, all your props should be functional – whether to catch the attention of attendees, or to reinforce the need for your product or service. Create a master list that you can edit with each event to become more effective. Some items to remember:

  • business cards
  • paper and pen
  • rubbish bin
  • water

If you are interested in promoting your business through sensational sampling , please contact us today.