Product Page Design

Great product page design ideas to create a lasting impact

page-designYour product page is where the magic happens on your website – and it is the page that will convince the visitor whether or not to make a conversion. Knowing this, it makes sense to pay close attention to its layout and design, taking care to provide the potential customer with the information that he or she is looking for. Below, we discuss three imperative product page design ideas and considerations to keep in mind.

Appealing product descriptions are essential

When you write your product descriptions, keep in mind the fact that it is these descriptions that could make or break the sale. Along with this, product descriptions that are detailed will also receive the thumbs up from the search engines, eventually resulting in higher rankings.

Be as descriptive as possible, using positive adjectives and telling a story. While you need to provide the potential client with accurate information regarding the product’s specifications, it is important to talk more about how the product is going to solve a problem or make their life easier.

Pay attention to photography

As the old cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Ultimately, no how appealing your product descriptions are, it is the way that your products look that will seal the deal. Lighting, in particular is very important, as is uniformity. For instance if you take one photo against a white background, be sure to take all of the remaining photos against the same white background. This creates a sense of professionalism that will impress the potential customer.

Not only should you ensure that the photos are attractive, but you also need to make sure that they showcase the product in as much detail as possible. Try to take photographs from every angle so that the website visitor can be 100% certain of what they are buying. If they feel safe in knowing exactly what they will be getting, they will be more likely to take the plunge and buy the product.

Incorporate a call to action

Don’t be afraid to insert a call to action in an effort to encourage your potential customers to go ahead and convert. A strong call to action can really make all the difference when it comes to customers making a decision. Also remember that it is very important to make it easy for them to make a purchase once they have decided to do so. Have a handy ‘check out’ cart on every product page and make it easy for them to navigate their way around.

See? When it comes to creating a lasting impact, focusing on perfecting your website’s product pages is always a good place to start. For more information about online promotion and ensuring brand awareness, do not hesitate to get in touch with Tradeway. As one of the leading promotion companies in South Africa, we are able to offer you a host of professional marketing services from experiential marketing to activations and more. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.