4 Ways to Make Digital Activations Work for You

BrandThe digital arena is swiftly becoming the easiest and most efficient place in which to successfully interact with and get to know your target market. It provides you with opportunities to stand out without having to spend thousands of rands in the process. It provides you with the ability to enjoy real-time interactions with people who are interested in what your business offers. And, finally, it provides you with the chance to do something entirely different. Here are 4 ways to make digital activations work for you.


  1. Start by Building a Strategy

You wouldn’t consider going ahead with regular activations without a solid strategy in place, would you? So why would you consider doing so when it comes to digital activations? Make sure that your strategy includes the creation and distribution of top-notch content – and no, we’re not referring to content that simply explains to a potential consumer how to use your product. We’re talking about valuable content that will have an effect, and make an impression, on all those who read it. You’ll need a hearty mix of innovative, thought leadership content, emotional content (tell real-life stories), how-to educational content and shareable content (think top 10 lists, content including funny memes and GIFs, etc.)


  1. Craft Your Brand Story

A great, emotive brand story is the crux of most world-class digital activations. A boring ‘About Us’ page isn’t going to cut it though. You want to talk about real people who are involved in your business, real achievements and real moments spent with real customers.


  1. Make Sure Your Products and Services Are Worth it

Do your products and services solve a problem? What truly makes them stand out? These key selling points need to be at the heart of your digital activations. Now’s your chance to demonstrate, in as emotive a way as possible, just how and why your brand and offering is worth giving a try.


  1. Customer Participation is Everything

Ultimately, your digital activations should be creative enough that they will lure potential customers in right from the start. The goal should be to get people participating and engaged… so that they will hopefully spread the word and get their followers participating and engaged! The key to increasing customer participation is to do something that nobody has done before, but that still ties in with your brand and its message. Don’t forget to also select the best possible social media channel in line with the essence of your digital activations and where your target market spends most of its time.


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