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Tips for Making an Impact with Your Trade Show Booth

Experiential marketing, field marketing, activationsTrade shows present business owners and marketing professionals with the perfect opportunity to try out new experiential marketing techniques and approaches. If your trade show booth is eye-catching and impressive at first glance, not only can you expect your audience to come directly to you, but you will also up your chances of getting them involved and scoring some free publicity and social media. However, that’s only if you play your cards right! Here are our tips for making a lasting impact with your trade show booth:

  • Go Digital 

With so much technology (literally) at our fingertips, you are doing your brand a disservice by not utilising it to generate engagement at your booth! Say goodbye to paper and hello to touch screens, games and virtual reality! Make it possible for your audience to interact with your brand in a physical way – the chances are much higher that they will remember the experience.

  • Give Aways

What better way in which to stick in the audience’s mind than by giving away tangible items like branded T-shirts, memory sticks or even free food? There is nothing quite like an awesome freebie to get people smiling and talking about your business.


  • Have the Right Team

You’d be surprised at how much of a difference a friendly smile and an extra dose of confidence can make to the interactive component of your tradeshow booth. Make sure that you hire someone who can communicate effectively and can create immediate connections with anyone who may approach. Hiring professional, well-trained brand ambassadors is a good option to consider. They will be able to collaborate with your sales team and make sure that you get your message across at the show.

At the end of the day, the benefits of attending trade shows cannot be emphasised enough. They provide you with the chance to connect with a very focused, targeted audience that is already interested in what it is that you offer. Therefore, making a lasting connection is easier than ever before! Ultimately, those business owners who invest time in creating a memorable consumer experience at their tradeshow booth will inevitably attract the right customers and increase the chances of these customers choosing their brand the next time they are looking to make use of those products and services.

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