Experiential marketing, field marketing, activations

The Key to Successful Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing, field marketing, activationsBy now, most business owners know that experiential marketing refers to the process of creating meaningful connections with consumers and potential consumers, in interactive, creative ways. It refers to providing them with an experience. Most business owners also know that it is the easiest way in which to stand out from the crowd and gain that ‘edge’ over competitors. Having said this, there is one key factor that can make or break even the finest experiential marketing strategy: that is knowing and understanding your audience inside and out. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind going forward:

  • Spend Time on Social Media

No, we don’t mean leisurely scrolling through your news feed. We mean taking the time to analyse the thoughts, interests, attitudes and behaviours of your followers. Social media provides you with direct access to the people whom you plan to target. So, make use of it in any way you can. Better yet, get them involved and engaged! Ask questions. Offer them the chance to become co-creators of your brand and its campaigns. After all, if they play a role in moulding the experiential marketing campaign themselves, you have a much higher chance of it being a success in the long run!

  • Don’t Get Distracted by Technology

The 2010’s have seen the development and introduction of some amazing gadgets. It’s normal to want to get in on the action. However, before you spend that money on those VR goggles, ask yourself: Will this gadget or technology be of interest to my target market? And, if so, how can I best use it to my advantage?

  • Understand the Consequences of Not Putting Your Audience First

At the end of the day, if you don’t ensure that your experiential marketing strategy is user-centric and incredibly powerful and that it is focused on the values, behaviours and habits of your audience, they are going to avoid you and your brand like the plague. The only way in which to ensure success is to create a strategy that speaks to the consumers themselves: it must add value to their day. Cool gadgets can only do so much!

Getting to know your audience takes plenty of time and dedication. But you can be assured that the rewards that it will bring will make the arduous process worth it! Ultimately, an experiential marketing campaign that has been created with the needs, wants and expectations of the consumer front and centre is destined to do great things for your business.

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