What You Missed from EMS 2017 and What to Expect This Year

While most of us can’t make it to the Experiential Marketing Summit (it’s usually held in San Francisco), we also can’t help but follow the happenings and insights of the much-anticipated event! Below, we take a look at what you missed from EMS 2017 and what we can expect to go down this year between May 14th and May 16th.

Workshops Galore 

“Last year, one of the most talked about workshops was that of Dan Hanover and Kerry Smith’s Anatomy of a Brand Experience. The two industry big-wigs talked attendees through a number of trends and microtrends and gave everybody a dose of motivation to embrace and further expand on each and every one!”


AMEX presented a focused talk on the basics of experiential marketing and reminded all attendees about the following:

  • How important it is to always stay true to your brand.
  • How it’s necessary to always be ready for change and not to be afraid to try new things.
  • How rule number one when it comes to all marketing, and experiential marketing in particular, is to always put the customer first.

Helen Stoddard’s Address 

According to attendees, Helen Stoddard, Head of Global Events for Twitter, gave a moving address on brand storytelling and what helps it to stand out. She stated that storytelling is 22 times more appealing to an audience than factual marketing and encouraged all experiential marketers to tailor their efforts to be as simple, truthful, emotional and real as possible. In the end, if you have done your job right, your audience should be talking about your brand both in person and within the digital sphere!

EMS 2018

Despite the fact that the event is still a few months away, people are already talking about what’s to come! 80+ workshop sessions, brand-side speakers and 1500 marketers from over 30 different countries can all be expected at EMS 2018. The keynote speakers were also recently announced.

“Attendees can look forward to speeches and presentations from a number of revered experts including Deborah Curtis (VP-Global Experiential Marketing from American Express) and Helen Stoddard (Head of Global Events for Twitter). Adobe’s Alex Amado is also set to make an appearance.” Watch this space for more insightful take-aways from the event.

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