The Low-Down on Successful Conference Activations

Big conferences that draw business owners and professionals from far and wide offer an incredible opportunity to those with the right savvy to build brand awareness and make important, rewarding, long-lasting connections. Below, we provide you with the information you’ve been searching for in terms of ensuring successful, unique conference activations.

  • Do Your Research 

Usually, you will have a good idea of who is going to be present at a conference if you take the time to do research beforehand. Michelle Storey from Tradeway has some advice:

“If there is someone in particular with whom you’d like to strike up a conversation or build a relationship, it pays to know exactly where to find them. For example, rather than trying to track them down in a crowded room, find out which panel they’ll be attending. Not sure who you should be tracking down in the first place? Do research on the most influential names within your industry and find out whether they will be in attendance. If the conference is notable enough, the chances are very good that they will be!”.

  • Start Before You Get There 

Many conferences will have an official hashtag – one that you should be using, and following, on social media. Better yet, try to engage with those industry experts who are using it, too.

“You never know… you just might be able to set the stage and lay the groundwork for an extremely beneficial conversation on the day of the conference, especially if you manage to make an impression before having even met the people who matter most!” says Michelle.

  • Upsell, Upsell, Upsell! 

So many business owners see conferences as the perfect platform for attracting new customers – so much so that they often forget about their already-existing ones!

“Conferences offer the ideal opportunity not only to touch base with loyal customers and clients, but also to upsell them!” comments Michelle. “In addition, it’s a great time to speak to them about new upgrades and future plans for the business. This will increase your chances of holding onto the customer and enticing them enough to keep them coming back for more”.

  • Increase Reach with Live Streaming 

As usual, social media can help you to truly make the most of the conferences that you host or attend. By live streaming online, you will be able to reach a much greater audience. “This is a fantastic idea for businesses as it provides incredible results while requiring minimal effort, costs and planning,” adds Michelle.

Want to know more about making your business known at conferences? When it comes to activations, field marketing and experiential marketing, you can always turn to the team at Tradeway. Contact us today for more information.