How Augmented Reality is Changing Things for Top Brands

Have you ever thought about including augmented reality (AR) in your marketing strategy? Do you even know what augmented reality is? By definition, augmented reality (or AR as most people call it) involves technology superimposing computer generated images on a user’s view of the actual world. The result is a composite view. Or a view that the user can manipulate themselves.

You just have to take a look at how the world responded to artist Amir Baradaran’s augmented reality app in 2011 to realize the power behind it. Augmented reality is becoming a part of our daily lives and by making use of it, big brands can harness the power of giving consumers the opportunity to experience something different about the brand, and having an opinion or reaction to it. The app which was called “Frenchising the Mona Lisa” allowed artists to scan the image with their mobile device and make changes to it. One particular option was to have the Mona Lisa wrapped in a French flag. As you can imagine, some were delighted and some were rather outraged. It’s just the type of thing that gets people talking, sharing and participating. With this in mind, there’s no reason why such AR cannot work in the same way for promoting brands. Making a noise and getting people into a dialogue about a product, service or brand has been made the simplest task on the planet – thanks to augmented reality! As a result, augmented reality can be used as a highly effective form of experiential marketing..

Not sure what experiential marketing is? Well, it’s the marketing strategy of the present and the future. It’s a type of marketing that gets consumers actively involved with the product, service or brand in question. It’s set up as an event where consumers can truly engage with the product and provide their personal opinion and insight. It not only gives the brand the opportunity to benefit from exposure and truly impress their target audience with a phenomenal product, but also provides the perfect opportunity to gather data from the target audience which can be used to provide a better service and improved products in the future.

How is AR altering the playing field for big brands? In many ways actually – and it can do the same for your brand. Consulting with one of our professional marketing strategists is a great way for you and your business to get in on the action.

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