Marketing Effort

Why Authenticity Should Always be At the Heart of Your Marketing Efforts

We live in an age where we are constantly surrounded by advertising; with millions of companies’ efforts to get our attention and trying to convince us as to why their product is better than another. These companies want our money. They want our loyalty. They want us to choose them. It is no wonder then why advertising and marketing campaigns have become somewhat desperate and, in a word, ingenuine. It is also no wonder why we, as consumers, have begun to lose trust in brands and what they can offer us. As a business, in order to create lasting connections with our target market, we need to start focusing on how to bring back authenticity. Here is what you need to know:

  • The Stats 

According to a study conducted by GMR Marketing, only 19% of consumers believe the messages and claims communicated by brands. Does this mean that marketing has simply become null and void?

“On the contrary. What it does mean is that consumers are craving “real”. They long to make a stronger connection with a company that legitimately cares about them and their needs, and that does not just claim it. If a brand can be more authentic in its marketing endeavors, it will not have any trouble maintaining consumer loyalty. It will not have any trouble beating out its competition. The only problem is that most business owners simply do not know how to go about achieving this,” says Michelle Storey of Tradeway.

  • Tell Stories 

Not made up, fictional stories… Real, punch-you-in-the-gut stories that people can truly relate to. They don’t always have to be emotionally-driven. All that they need to be in order to make a lasting impact is authentic.

“Stop paying actors to record testimonial videos for your website and start interviewing your actual clients. Stop spending hours trying to come up with funny cartoon characters for your next TVC and put your own staff members in front of the camera. Stop using stock images and start taking your own photographs of products, customers, and events. Not only will it make your brand more relatable, but it is likely to save you a lot of money in the long run, too!” comments Michelle.

  • Provide Experiences 

Give consumers a release from the dullness of everyday life. Play into their desire to both belong and be seen as a notable individual. Help them to create memories. Provide them with the opportunity to interact and engage with your brand. Be present. Be creative. Be everything that they want and need. How? With experiential marketing, that is how.

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