Tradeway Promotions launches new digital home and expands nationally

102870Tradeway Promotions, leaders in the recruiting, training and managing of resources for experiential brand activations for some of the world’s leading brand names, announces the launch of a dynamic new website with the aim of bringing innovation and service excellence to its business model.

Tradeway’s recently launched new website is an exciting tool, which not only promotes the business but was designed and developed to meet Tradeway’s specific requirements, incorporating an online promoter and campaign management extranet system.

The system provides integrated sign up and management of promoters serving as a communication channel for the heart and soul of any campaign, being the promoter team. Promoters can sign up, receive training, briefings and other communications, all online. Once a campaign is underway, promoters start feeding information back through a web or mobile device interface immediately, meaning clients have access to near instantaneous insights from the campaign, which provides for real time review and shifts in tactics and budget control.

This is just the beginning of Tradeway’s enhanced technology strategy. The system will be continually upgraded to drive further innovation, an added benefit to Tradeway clients.

In addition to a new digital home, Tradeway is pleased to announce that its success has prompted expansion of the business nationally into two new offices, in Cape Town and Durban.

These new offices will further strengthen Tradeway’s offering and ability to conduct nationwide and cross-border campaigns for its clients. Clients can look forward to seamless and highly effective promotional activities in these regions, choosing from a comprehensive service offering that incorporates field marketing, exhibitions, road shows and much more.

“We are proud to announce the simultaneous opening of our Cape Town and Durban offices, whilst moving into our new digital home online. Our promoter extranet is sure to contribute to our ongoing success and is a true competitive advantage for us. We look forward to demonstrating the benefits of these developments to all of our existing and indeed new clients,” says Michelle Francis, CEO of Tradeway Promotions.