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Bridging the Gender Data Gap for inclusive Shopper Marketing

Unlocking the Power of Equality: Bridging the Gender Data Gap in Consumer Goods and Services Marketing this Women’s Month.

The gender data gap is the lack of data on women and their experiences, leading to an incomplete understanding of their needs, preferences, and behaviours. This data gap is prevalent in various fields, including consumer goods marketing, where women’s voices and perspectives are underrepresented, and their buying power, overlooked. Redressing the gender data gap is crucial for fostering more inclusive and effective marketing strategies, promoting gender equality, and unlocking the untapped potential of a significant consumer demographic. Join us as we explore the transformative power

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Shopper Marketing

Demystifying Shopper Marketing to Win Customers 

In today’s competitive consumer goods landscape, shopper marketing is crucial to your brand’s success. Shopper Marketing encompasses a wide range of strategies and tactics aimed at influencing consumer buyer behaviour, ultimately leading to increased conversions and brand equity.   But in a rapidly evolving retail landscape, what exactly is Shopper Marketing? How is it distinct from consumer marketing? Or retail marketing? Or indeed, trade marketing? And in an ecommerce setting, isn’t it just digital marketing?   In this blog post, we’ll demystify Shopper Marketing. Whether

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How promotional marketing unlocks youth employment potential

Unlocking South Africa’s Potential: How Promotional Marketing Ignites South African Youth Careers through Part-Time Work.

Introduction: There seems little to celebrate this Youth Month. According to StatsSA’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) released last month, youth unemployment increased to 46.5% in the first quarter of 2023 (13.6% higher than the national average).    This would only be a sad inditement if it weren’t for the fact that almost two thirds (62.1%) of South Africa’s population is under 35 years old. Our young people are both the workforce and consumers powering society and the economy, today and into the future. Forget infrastructure collapse

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below the line marketing the consumers hero

Below-the-Line Marketing: 5 Superpowers to Becoming the Consumer’s Hero

Introduction On the 29th of March, our own Andreas Smit featured as guest lecturer for the University of Pretoria’s BCom Honours (Marketing Management) students. Andreas is a sales and marketing specialist with over 15 years’ experience in trade marketing spanning corporate, agency and as an independent consultant. A lifelong learner, Andreas has a BCom Honours degree in Marketing, multiple post graduate diplomas and is currently pursuing his MBA through Henley Business School. The lecture served as a reminder to the marketers of tomorrow that the consumer is

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Experiential Marketing to Bridge Digital Divides

Bridging the Digital Divide: The Role of Experiential Marketing in Retail Banking Digital Adoption.

INTRODUCTION In a rapidly advancing world, bridging the digital divide is a critical priority, especially in South Africa, where access to technology and digital resources remains uneven. As the adoption of digital services becomes increasingly vital for financial inclusion, experiential marketing emerges as a powerful tool to bridge the gap. In this post, we explore the unique advantages of experiential marketing in driving digital adoption by empowering individuals and communities in South Africa.  Understanding South Africa’s Digital Divide. South Africa is a paradox. Despite one

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below-the-line marketing

Summer Brands are Made in Winter: The Importance of Below-the-Line Marketing in Winter

It’s reported that consumers are bombarded with up to 10,000 marketing messages per day. Competing for their attention amidst the noise is one of the biggest challenges facing brand and marketing managers today. Rather than ‘shouting the loudest, finding ‘quiet’ marketing periods can present sizable opportunities to maximise market share for brands willing to question conventional wisdom around consumer activity. In the consumer goods space, winter is one such opportunity.    In this post, we’ll explore the importance of below-the-line marketing in winter for consumer

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