How Understanding Your Customer’s Emotional Needs Will Aid Your Experiential Marketing Campaign

So many business owners focus on giving customers and potential customers what they want when it comes to experiential marketing campaigns. While this is great, they are likely to get a lot more out of their efforts if they start focusing on catering to their needs instead. Not only day-to-day needs but emotional needs, too. [...]

The 5 I’s of Marketing

Whether your focus is on brand promotions, experiential marketing or anything in between, to ensure a successful campaign, you need to keep the 5 I’s of marketing in mind at all times. We take a more in-depth look at each of them below. Inspiration While the logical, strategic side of a marketing campaign is really [...]

Retailers need to keep an eye on these festive season trends

Criteo recently launched a whitepaper entitled 2017 An Enlightened Festive Season, highlighting some trends that retailers should keep an eye on. According to Criteo, more people will choose to shop online and technology will continue to change how people shop. Omnichannel experiences The growth in online shopping means that retailers need to focus on providing [...]

Nordstrom Inc. Provides Some Hope and Peace of Mind for Brick & Mortar Stores

If you have been caught up in the sudden wave of hysteria that seems to be sweeping retail stores regarding online shopping that is destroying the market for brick and mortar businesses - there’s hope. Nordstrom Inc. (one of the largest luxury department stores in the USA) has proven that department stores are not dead [...]

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