Tips for Maximising Your Marketing in Summer

MarketingThe warmer months are on their way back again, so now’s the perfect time to get your marketing strategy in line to successfully make the most of your summertime budget. Seeing as though spring and summer are when most people venture outdoors, whether it is to hit the mall for a shopping spree or to visit the zoo with the kids, there’s plenty of opportunity to grab their attention, especially if you have planned the right activations or experiential marketing campaigns. Here are our useful tips for getting it right.

  • Get Interactive

It’s simply not enough to attend a summertime event fully equipped with branded merchandise and a few interesting flyers. If you are to make an impression, and a lasting one at that, you’re going to need to have prepared something that will make attendees want to interact with you. How about an Instagram-inspired photo booth and a creative hashtag to encourage people to share the photos that they take on their accounts? Maybe you want to try something a little bit more traditional with a modern edge, such as a PLINKO machine (ask Tradeway) or  digital spinning wheels which makes it possible for people to win prizes (make sure they’re branded, of course). Most importantly, ensure that you have brand ambassadors working at your booth who understand the essence of your business and exude plenty of summery friendliness and charm! Note I said brand ambassadors not promoters, people pulled off the street and briefed for an hour. After all, it’s their smiles and words of encouragement that are going to draw the people in.

  • Find Something to Help You Stand Out 

Once the warmer weather is back, people are in better moods in general. So, don’t be afraid to do something silly or outrageous to get their attention. Quirky costumes, snappy slogans and even a bubble machine can all work in your favour! Whatever you do indulge and leverage people’s willingness be more active and adventurous in Summer – I see your banana hammock boet…

  • Host Your Own Event

Aside from the fact that renting booths at other summer events can be extremely expensive, especially if you plan to do it regularly, hosting your own event is all a wonderful way in which to ensure that the spotlight is only on you, your brand and what it offers! It will obviously require quite a bit more planning, and the initial cost outlay is sure to be quite higher, but the overall results and turnout is likely to make it all worth it! If you are really clever, or talk to Tradeway, there are ways to utilise public spaces and modern trends to conceptualise an event or activity which your consumers will gladly agree to engage with. Imagine building brand love with your consumers and they don’t even know it – so happy are they to engage

  • Use Social Media to Your Advantage

If ever there is a time when people are taking selfies and checking their social media accounts constantly, it’s during summertime. After all, you don’t want to miss out on seeing all your friend’s bikini bods and holiday pics! Knowing this, no matter what you decide to do with your marketing budget this summer, just make sure that it includes at least some aspect of social media.

Are you looking for a brand activations and experiential marketing company in South Africa to assist you in maximising your marketing budget this year? If so, you should turn to the team at Tradeway! Contact us today to learn more about experiential marketing, field marketing and activations expertise.