Experiential marketing

Thoughts starters for improving your marketing strategy

Experiential marketingGetting a handle on your company’s marketing strategy early on in the year will make a big difference when it comes to ensuring happy customers, as well as a healthier bottom line. The question is, what can you do differently and what trends should you remain aware of? How can you grab your customers’ attention right from the get-go and engage with them more efficiently than ever before? Tradeway, one of South Africa’s best loved brand activations and experiential agencies, is here to give you the answers to all of these burning questions.

Take Another Look at How Customers Are Connecting with Your Brand

Gregory from Tradeway says that it’s important to focus on creating positive experiences for your customers.

“Customers are not always right, their motivations to purchase that is, so best they be buying your brand rather than your competitor. One of the best ways in which to secure customer loyalty is to provide them with positive experiences at all contact points with your brand. Experiential marketing is the buzzword which many brands are trying to solve. In truth the answers are different depending which sector of the market you are in.  At the end of the day though it is about giving consumers an experience with your brand. A positive experience which ignites an emotional connection and love for your brand. Simple things are sometimes he most effective. Brands are starting to spend good money on experiential marketing campaigns but remember daily experiences with your products are just as important – if not more so. Some of our best customers came to us wanting a major experiential campaign, because we are damn good at that, but it’s not what we gave them. We gave them an easy experience fix. A random example, when a QSR spends millions on advertising their coffee offering yet serve it in a leaky-lid cup which just landed your coffee in my crotch – the experience just cost you. A nasty little plastic lid just cost you no matter how great the coffee tastes

So make it unique, satisfying and memorable  but provide it service levels and attention to detail that make them feel special,” says Gregory.

However, nowadays, customer experience is (and, at least, should be) so much more than that! It is now about creating separate, memorable throughout the customer journey – moments that are customisable to each customer’s needs, and that go above and beyond any single product or service. It is all about experien(ce)tial marketing.

Place More Value on Customer Insights

Thanks to social media, it is now easier than ever before to find out exactly what your customers are thinking. They are likely to be posting comments and feedback on your business profile on a regular basis. Instead of getting upset if you happen to receive a negative review, take it to heart and make changes wherever appropriate. Remember, if one customer isn’t happy with a certain aspect of your business, the chances are good that many others feel the same way too.

Communicate Directly

“Too many brands have become lazy though. They rely to be spoon-fed by research or agency insights. Get off your ass and get into the trade literally and figuritively, read and speak to you customers. Especially the inconvenient ones. They matter most.  Get your own consumer insights which you can own and translate into actionable targeted campaigns”.

With all of the technology available to us nowadays, speaking directly to our audiences is a reality that has changed the way in which we do business forever. And that is what marketing in 2017 is all about – starting a conversation. By speaking directly to individual members of your customer base, you build customer loyalty, you are sure to gain some more valuable insights and you will be increasing your chances of that customer spreading the word to everyone that they know.

At the end of the day, your marketing strategy will be what you make of it. Don’t be afraid to look back on past experiences – what worked and what didn’t. This will also provide you with some helpful guidance going forward. If you are looking for further assistance when it comes to reaching your audience and making a more memorable impact, it might be time to get in touch with a promotion company that specialises in experiential marketing, activations and field marketing. For more information on how we at Tradeway can help your business thrive this year, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.