Why small businesses should consider experiential marketing

When you consider the most memorable experiential marketing campaigns, most of them inevitably belong to big brands. Experiential marketing isn’t just for the top guns, however. Instead of focusing on promotional materials, small businesses should be using experiential marketing campaigns to connect with their customers on an emotional level. Here are just a few reasons why small businesses should consider experiential marketing campaigns:

Learn more about your customers

With experiential marketing campaigns, you have a unique opportunity to get feedback from your target audience and find out what they really want from your products and services.

“While one can argue that a customer can easily send you a mail or leave a post on Facebook if they have a query or suggestion, few people will do this – unless they’re very unhappy with someone they have already purchased. Experiential marketing creates one-of-a-kind engagement zones where brand advocates can have open and real conversations with your customers,” says Michelle Storey from Tradeway.

It doesn’t have to be big and expensive

Some of the highly publicised experiential marketing campaigns may have required a lot of capital, virtual reality, and logistics – but not every campaign has to be this way. Consider how your brand can sponsor a fun run, a community picnic, or something that many people can benefit from without spending an entire year’s marketing budget.

Get out there

Many times, everyone from your social media managers and marketers to your sales representatives operate in silos and from offices. An experiential marketing campaign gives you the opportunity to get out of the office and experience the communities in which you operate.

Stop competing for attention

If your brand regularly takes part in tradeshows, exhibitions, and traditional marketing campaigns, then you know all too well that you are competing for space and attention. With experiential marketing, you’re flying solo and monopolising all the attention. A single booth in a park, or a bunch of brand advocates in a parking lot, for example, will draw much more attention than a booth that’s located between all your competition at an industry event.

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