experiential marketing

Brand activations and Promotions initiate a relationship between the consumer and your brand – by providing the opportunity and the motivation for the consumer to engage with your brand.

Activations can take place just about anywhere and in virtually any form – from an in-store sampling promotion to a sidewalk pop-up shop. Tradeway brings it all together – the concept, messaging, location and brand ambassadors – to create brand activations with great results.

How to build your brand through brand activation 

Brand activation techniques have been around for a considerable amount of time. If you think back to the fifties, the notorious vacuum cleaner door to door salesmen were, in essence, your first batch of promotion people. Today, although the outfits, approaches and general feel may have changed, the bottom line is still the same, these people are here to sell through promotion. An in store activation can boost your brand awareness due to the main fact that this form of marketing is based purely on human interaction. We are by nature social creatures and even the most reclusive individual appreciates a friendly gesture at the best of times. This therefore makes this form of marketing invincible when executed correctly.

The strength of product promotions 

Furthermore, product promotions, be it in the form of experiential marketing campaigns, field marketing or the simple in store activation, begin to spread your name like wild fire through the simple factor of word of mouth. If your in store promotion is noteworthy, people will remember your brand and that specific campaign and possibly even refer others to come and witness it for themselves.

Trust your activations agency

This makes it simple to see why it is so important to trust your activations agency. Be sure to always view their work and potentially take a look at some of the clients which they have landed throughout the years. With Tradeway, we can help you build your digital marketing strategy through experiential marketing, get your company noticed through explosive in store activations and provide you with the best field marketing assistance imaginable. With us you can rest assured that your needs will be met and people will leave a store remembering your name, thanks to a powerful brand activation.