Experiential marketing is all about the experience. Unlike promotional advertising, which is price and benefit driven and aimed at instant sales, experiential marketing campaigns and events are about building long-term loyalty by providing unforgettable, fun, feel-good experiences where consumers fall in love with your brand and when someone’s in love, they like to share the news with the world. It’s why experiential marketing is also an ideal catalyst for social media and word of mouth exposure.

Brand Love Campaigns offered by this activations agency

Being an activations agency, Tradeway’s brand love campaigns are built around bold ideas and enticing experiences that invite a fresh perspective and stir up positive emotions, creating a closer bond between the consumer and your brand.

Our brand love campaigns can include any number of big or small experiential events, all built around your brand and strategically targeted to reach consumers in ideal and unexpected environments.

Social media marketing plays a big role in our experiential campaigns because of the sheer shareability of the experience, consumers want to share the experience on social media. We also build specific social media mechanisms into our experiential campaigns, encouraging consumers to share as part of the experience.

How experiential marketing events engage your target audience

Experiential marketing events are once-off events that take advantage of an ideal time and place to create an extraordinary and meaningful experience between your brand and the consumer. The experience has a lasting effect well beyond the event itself and by its very nature is share-worthy, extending the life of the event via social media.

Tradeway also uses digital applications (like mobiles and laptops) and new technology (such as interactive screens, wearable technology, augmented reality and 3D printing) to add to the experience and bring the event online.