promotion company CPT

Tradeway is one of the leading promotions companies in Cape Town. When it comes to experiential marketing, brand activations and promotions, we are always a step ahead of the curve. We keep a close eye on all the latest successful campaigns across the globe and make sure our South African and African clients are getting the latest, state-of-the-art information and strategies for their marketing campaigns.

Services that our Cape Town promotions company offers 

  • Activations and promotions
    Whether you need a promotions company to set up pop-up shops, distribute flyers or manage a road show for your business, we can help. Our brand activation campaigns are results driven, they create jobs and promote skills development and we use the latest smart technologies to give you real-time information and actionable market insights.
  • Experiential marketing
    Want your clients to fall in love with your brand? Then it’s time to start researching and implementing experiential marketing campaigns. When you hire our promotions company in Cape Town for an experiential marketing campaign, we will come up with a fresh, bold and memorable campaign that will create a closer bond between the customer and your brand.
  • Field marketing
    Field marketing can give you the valuable insights you need about your business, customer experience and staff. Some of the field marketing services that we offer include the following:
  • Merchandising support
  • Mystery shopping
  • Market research
  • In store audits
  • Staff training

We have a large group of highly trained field marketers who can conceptualise and execute virtually any type of field marketing strategy for you. We use the latest real-time reporting tools to help you get access to the business intelligence that you need to make important changes within your business.

Tradeway is here to help you take your marketing and branding to the next level. Contact our promotions company in Cape Town for more information today.