Millennials and Experiential Marketing: What You Need to Know

Experiential marketing – a new approach to marketing that seeks to provide consumers with a valuable, memorable experience that they will associate with the particular brand that offered it – has become a staple in every company’s marketing plan from around the globe. While it promises amazing results regardless of the target market, studies have shown that it is millennials who respond the best to this approach. Here’s everything that you need to know about millennials and experiential marketing, and how to make it work for your business going forward.

Incorporating Social Media into Your Efforts 

“Experiential marketing and social media go together like salt and pepper, chips and tomato sauce, movies and popcorn. Focusing on one without the other is sure to cut your success in half,” comments Greg Martin of Tradeway.

“The reason for this is that social media is the easiest way in which to reach your target market and promote your event or campaign without overspending on your budget. The great news is that there are so many creative ways in which to marry the two. For example, if you’ll be hosting an experiential marketing event, you could enlist the services of an influencer who is relevant to your business to spread the word to his or her followers.”

Provide Instant Gratification 

What is one thing that defines millennials and sets them apart from other generations? Basically, they want it all, and they want it now. Instant gratification is important to them. What’s even more important is that you are ready to satisfy this desire with your experiential marketing efforts.

“Traditional marketing techniques revolve around creating suspense. This approach does not work with millennials. You’re bound to get a much better response if you don’t keep them waiting. Ever!” says Greg.

Show You Care 

Despite their lack of patience, giving back is also important to millennials. Studies have shown that if a business focuses its attention on corporate and social responsibility, millennials are much more likely to want to interact and engage with it. Keep this in mind before embarking on your next experiential marketing event or campaign – or, better yet, make it the main focus!

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