The internet of things and smart fridges

family-hub-fridge-ces-2016The big brands of today are focusing on customer retention and repeat sales. Being able to connect with your customers and get them to make repeat purchases is also becoming easier thanks to the Internet of Things and a specific appliance that virtually every household already possesses – a refrigerator.

Samsung has recently launched a “smart” refrigerator that has built in cameras and the ability to even help you with your grocery shopping thanks to an app called Groceries by MasterCard. The new range of smart fridges that are entering the market not only track a homeowner’s food and beverage consumption, but it can also manage how their stock is replenished and it can tap into information that will find them the best deals. What is setting these refrigerators apart from others is the fact that companies are prepared to give customers the fridges for free or at a subsidised price, thanks to all the add-on purchases that the customer will be making as a result of the new smart fridge.

The new connected fridges are also opening doors for advertisers seeing as they can promote their products to the customer on the fridge’s screen. What makes this advertising so powerful is that it’s customised, driven by past purchase data and it proactively targets customers in a way that mass marketing can’t.

This is just one way that marketing, advertising and data is changing the way brands can connect with customers. At Tradeway we have a variety of offerings such as brand activation and experiential marketing solutions that can help you boost your brand. Contact us for more information today