How to Improve Your Experiential Marketing Efforts in 2018

If you have already tried the experiential marketing route but are not quite satisfied with the level of success that you have managed to achieve, we have some helpful advice for you to keep in mind. Here’s how to improve your experiential marketing efforts going forward in 2018:

  • Plan, Plan, Plan! 

Just because the implementation of an experiential marketing campaign, as well as the response that it receives, can be rather unpredictable, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do any planning beforehand. “It is imperative that the planning phase of an experiential marketing campaign goes further than simply locating the best venue for an event or finding ways in which to ensure a good turnout. It should also include plenty of research into any challenges that may present themselves along the way, as well as contingency plans should something not work out as expected, along with ensuring a thorough understanding of the perception about the brand that you wish to create or change,” comments Michelle Storey of Tradeway. “Laying out goals is essential. Remember, if planning is not done effectively, the impact of the campaign won’t last beyond the interaction,” she continues.

  • Measure the Results 

Just like you would with a traditional advertising campaign, it is important to measure the results garnered during your experiential marketing campaign. While doing so may require a lot more work and a number of different tools, it’s definitely worth the extra effort. “Measuring the results of the campaign is about so much more than simply being able to justify its existence in the first place. It’s also about gathering data to assist in learning and evolving your experiential ideas in the future to allow for even better results,” says Michelle.

  • Invest in the Right Tools 

If you want to improve your brand visibility, the chances are good that you’re going to have to spend a little along the way. Without the right resources, one’s creativity can be quite limited indeed. According to the experts, a few of the most essential experiential marketing tools include social media management and analytics tools, to name a few. “The great news is that these tools don’t need to cost you the earth. There are many options available out there that also offer you free trials, thus making it easy for you to find the tools that are right for your business and that help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be,” comments Michelle.

If enhancing your experiential marketing efforts is a priority for you this year, be sure to turn to the experts at Tradeway for assistance. As leaders in experiential marketing, field marketing and activations, we’ve got what it takes to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more.