How Google Brings its Message Through

Print was the predominant creative tool in the 60’s, even as TV was fighting for its own recognition. But the same things that were important then are still valuable now: great, authentic writing and creativity about a great central thought.

That’s what marketing at Google is about – understanding the user and the magic of your product managers and knowing how to connect with them. This means bringing the magic behind your production team’s work to consumers in a meaningful, compelling and relevant way, creating something that will excite the world.

Impact of digitisation

Digitisation of marketing today allows for measurability, which wasn’t possible before. You can collect data about virtually everything, monitor campaigns and clearly demonstrate results. Today’s marketers have extraordinary tools at their disposal, giving them greater insights into their audience than any other time.

Buying and media planning are now automated through the use of algorithms and data, a scheme called ‘programmatic marketing’. This allows Google to deliver an exact message to a specific consumer at a precise time, producing fewer missed ad impressions. It also takes the grind out of planning, allowing their marketing teams to dedicate more resources towards creativity.

Not at the expense of the message

Google thrives on a data-led culture – but it’s also important to them that the storytelling is right, authentic and full of substance. Even with the analytical tools at their disposal, they understand that data is not a substitute for art – getting the storytelling and messaging right.

Amid all the clutter, it’s difficult to get the messaging right. However, Google’s method is to focus on ‘one real user’ where they consider one actual human being and the things that would matter to them. Real users don’t wake up thinking they need new browsers; they are concerned with daily life issues. To interrupt them, you must be giving something better and in a way that’s easily understandable for them.


At the end of the day, any new message from Google is carefully crafted to ensure it resonates, adds value and substance. They tell real-life stories – this product will change your life because this is what it does. Teams are convened to brainstorm exactly how each new product will make consumers’ lives different and better, in a unique way. This is because unlike the 80’s and 90’s, substance is extremely important today.

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