Experiential MArketing

Employing the senses in experiential marketing

Taste and smell are the only two senses connected to the limbic system of the brain, the part of the brain that is responsible for emotion and memory. If you really think about it, advertising and marketing is all about affecting people’s emotions and creating memories. Essentially, we want to affect consumers’ emotions by creating favourable memories.

“Instead of applying all of your focus to the message, start looking at how you can engage all five senses of your target audience with experiential marketing,” says Michelle Storey from Tradeway.


Touch is arguably one of the toughest senses to engage during an experiential marketing campaign, but it can have a long-lasting effect on consumers. Consider how synonymous Coca-Cola is with the hourglass bottle shape. Packaging can change the perception of your product and it can also create a memorable experience for a consumer.


Smells evoke different feelings and memories. A retail store selling body butter and bath soap, for example, will have a different scent to a retail store sending high-end leather bags and clothes.

“Whether you are showcasing your products at an exhibition, at your brick and mortar store, or in a pop-up shop, you need to think about the smells that a consumer will be exposed to and how it will impact their perception of your brand,”’ says Tradeway’s Greg Martin.


It’s not only restaurants, winemakers and gourmet bakers who can use the power of taste in an experiential marketing campaign. At festivals and exhibitions, many brands give away snacks or a specific food item to people visiting their stand. Use this opportunity to create more of an experience related to your brand.


Sight is the most common sense to be associated with branding, but you need to think beyond your logo, corporate colours, and the look and feel of your marketing materials. What type of visuals can make your brand even more memorable? The Victoria’s Secret models, for example, are always wearing angel wings on the runway, so the angelic imagery will always be associated with this brand specifically.


A song or a certain sound can take you right back to your childhood years within minutes. Sound is one of the best ways to create an unmistakable link to your brand. Research different jingles and slogan options to find out that represents your brand and truly sticks.

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