Tradeway Promoters engage with over 50 000 customers to introduce the KFC Breakfast Range

KFC appointed Tradeway Promotions to run a nationwide sampling campaign to introduce the a.m. Riser breakfast meal to customers in store during April and May 2012. Tradeway Promotions conceptualised the KFC a.m. Pyjama Party campaign, which saw promoters dressed in branded KFC a.m. pyjamas and red slippers interacting with over 50 000 customers at more [...]

Tradeway Promoters engage with over 40 000 consumers to introduce the new Hansa Pilsener bottle

SAB Ltd partnered with Tradeway Promotions to introduce the new 330NRB Hansa Pilsener bottle to consumers. The new bottle, which has a sleek embossed body, has been introduced to bring the packaging in line with the brand positioning of "Being refreshingly different." Tradeway Promoters targeted 18-34 year old consumers in close to 1 000 regular [...]

Tradeway gets its promoters on track

Tradeway Promotions has announced that it has successfully completed its pilot project using its custom cellular location-based services to track and monitor promoter activity and performance. The company says that this has added an extra dimension to its standard supervision and monitoring procedures delivering exponential results for clients and their activations. One of the greatest [...]

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