18Sep 17

The future of shopper marketing

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Gone are the days when you could neatly segment your customer base into ‘online shoppers’ and ‘offline shoppers’. Today, brands need to focus on providing a seamless customer experience.

The first place to start is to understand where your customer is at during each touchpoint with your brand. Gaining a deep understanding of their needs, their […]

11Sep 17

Using social collaboration tools for a better customer experience

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Whether or not a customer stays loyal to your brand, becomes a brand advocate, or moves to a competitor depends on many things, with customer experience being front and centre. While many companies are focusing on improving the experience that customers have at every touchpoint, not enough are paying attention to what happens after the […]

28Nov 16

Christmas Creep

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For many of us, Christmas bears special meaning, and some choose to enjoy the celebrations that it brings along with it, but for others, it is a time of gaining and reaping the benefits of driving sales before the actual season. Christmas creep can certainly give many shoppers the “creeps” and some may find it […]

11Jul 16

Are You Ready for Experiential Marketing?

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Experiential marketing is an astonishingly powerful new method for marketers to generate value for business by enriching interactions between the consumer and the brand at all stages of the buying process.
A recent study indicated that more than half of marketers (51%) plan to invest more in experience based marketing in 2016, aiming to create a […]

4Jul 16

Build a Great Company the Smart Way – Set Measures in Place & Market Right

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A business without a plan can be a sinking ship! When choosing to go it alone, you will of course aspire to do more than just coast along making a moderate income. While your goals and objectives might be set high, you’re bound to be faced with hurdles and challenges. It’s easy for others to […]

27Jun 16

How to serve and empower your team as a manager

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Managers have to wear many hats. Besides striving to achieve an organisation’s goals and motivating their teams, they also have to juggle deadlines, client needs and administrative duties. A clear leadership philosophy is one of the ways to make sure that you stay on the right path.
As a leader within the business, you have to […]

30Apr 16

Coca Cola’s New Marketing Concept – Is It A Blooper?

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Marketing experts the world over have been racking their brains over Coca Cola’s most recent rebranding which seems to be against the best interests of its customers. Coca Cola has undoubtedly presented a myriad of highly effective advertising campaigns that have in the past, engaged with customers and helped them to form long lasting emotional […]

9Nov 15

Brand Activation and Promotion Agencies Create Jobs for Youths in SA

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In a world where joblessness seems to rise with each passing day, we are here to tell you that companies that choose to take on brand activation and carry out promotions for their business are most certainly doing their bit to reduce unemployment statistics in South Africa. If you have had the chance to take […]

14Sep 15

How developers will change the retail industry

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Many industries have had to completely relook their way of doing business thanks to technology. E-commerce is no longer a new concept, but this industry is about to undergo a new revolution called “Commerce Everywhere.”

According to Techcrunch, “Commerce Everywhere” is when online and offline experiences are blended so that people can buy whatever their heart […]