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4Apr 16

The internet of things and smart fridges

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The big brands of today are focusing on customer retention and repeat sales. Being able to connect with your customers and get them to make repeat purchases is also becoming easier thanks to the Internet of Things and a specific appliance that virtually every household already possesses – a refrigerator.
Samsung has recently launched a “smart” […]

1Feb 16

Consider “woke Twitter” before you launch your next ad campaign

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If you use social media, then you’re probably aware of how quickly ad campaigns can get ripped to shreds on Twitter. Even if you’ve seen the ad and didn’t really think anything of it, the opinions of influencers and critical eyes on Twitter can change your idea about the campaign in an instant.

“Woke Twitter” is […]

5Oct 15

Experiential Marketing Demands Unite Baby Boomers and Millennials

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Experiential marketing is a form of marketing that is making its mark on a global scale. Unlike other marketing mediums that verbally and visually inform consumers about a product, experiential marketing actually helps the consumer to experience the product or brand by involving as many other human senses as possible.

Marketers will be well aware that […]

24Aug 15

Habit – A digital marketing campaign strategy

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Today, online digital marketing campaigns require a lot of innovation. Additionally, online audiences are bombarded with hundreds of ad campaigns. Reaching your target market means differentiating yourself from all the noise. Netplus offers a good example of how a simple, yet well thought out, campaign can be effective.

The company  

Netplus is a digital marketing company […]

17Aug 15

How Google Brings its Message Through

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Print was the predominant creative tool in the 60’s, even as TV was fighting for its own recognition. But the same things that were important then are still valuable now: great, authentic writing and creativity about a great central thought.

That’s what marketing at Google is about – understanding the user and the magic of your […]

10Aug 15

Defining the Millennial Consumer

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More than 80 million consumers today are described as millennial consumers, so it’s time to figure them out, if you haven’t already. Millennial consumers will be responsible for annual expenditures of over $200B by 2017, according to research.

They’re however not the easiest crowd to please. They demand working technology, research every purchase and broadcast their […]

3Aug 15

Apps That Can Make Small Business Owners be More Productive

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If you are a small business owner and are looking to make your business more productive, take a look at the following apps that can really turn on your efficiency. These apps help make small business owners become more productive.

Talk to me app

This app is a translator for foreign languages which allows you to communicate, […]